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We help businesses maximize digital marketing ROI by optimizing SEO, PPC, and Content marketing channels.

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Case Studies

Our results speak for themselves

Read our customer success stories that have enabled new businesses to flourish.

Keyword Optimization - SEO Webflow Template Organic Traffic Improves by 50% in 3 Months

Growth Bite took up the challenge of turning into a force to be reckoned with within the survey and internet sharing industry. Within three months, their organic traffic improved by 50%, bringing them closer to the top of the competition.

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Growth Bite Brings IPRoyal 4700% YoY Organic Traffic Growth

Growth Bite’s expertise in the proxy and scraping markets allowed them to achieve exceptional results for IPRoyal, bringing them closer to being a top competitor in the industry.

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Our Process

Advanced marketing in a few simple steps

Our marketing recommendations are based on a tried-and-true methodology that showcases the most important marketing touchpoints.

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1. Technical audit

Our extensive review evaluates the technical health of the website, which includes overall hygiene, website organization, presentation and many other metrics.

Delivered as an in-depth 200 point guide.

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2. Link Building

High quality off-site SEO articles are written and pitched to webmasters with backlinks to your own website. Each link is acquired from pages within relevant industries.

All backlinks are acquired on high authority websites within relevant industries.

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3. Content Creation

SEO optimized landing pages, blog posts, and other marketing materials are written and deployed consistently, building up your industry expertise in the eyes of search engines.

Every content piece is created within agreed upon topic clusters with a traffic and conversion focus.

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Meet our founders

Learn how your business can become an industry leader with the help of Growth Bite. Discover the company founders that have helped numerous executives scale their business.


Read what our amazing past clients say

Explore the enthusiastic feedback from our past clients and discover why they recommend us.

"Once we started using Growth Bite’s services, our organic channel started growing at an immense pace. Their team always knew what the next step was, allowing us to work with complete peace of mind. We were certain that we would scale quickly and Growth Bite delivered on their promises."

Ilja Popov
Performance Marketing Manager

"In a brief period, our collaboration with Growth Bite primarily focused on content marketing has yielded noticeable results. I'm particularly impressed with their level of expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Looking forward to achieving more success together!"

Karolina Švelnikė
SEO Manager

"Growth Bite are able to produce marketing content at an incredible pace at world class quality. Every piece of copywriting created a noticeable impact on our organic search results."

Vytautas Majauskas
Chief Marketing Officer

"Growth Bite are experts and professionals in every sense of the word. Their analytical approach, strategical vision, and perfect execution has always landed SnapCall with consistent and valuable results."

Arnaud Pigueller
Co Founder

"Constant communication, lots of hard work, and monitoring were set as the key parts of their business models – I think the results speak for themselves.”

Justas Palekas
Chief Marketing Officer
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