May 2024 Organic Traffic Improves by 50% in 3 Months

Growth Bite took up the challenge of turning into a force to be reckoned with within the survey and internet sharing industry. Within three months, their organic traffic improved by 50%, bringing them closer to the top of the competition. Organic Traffic Improves by 50% in 3 Months


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Project Overview

Growth Bite has built a team with a lot of experience in the various flavors of the SaaS industry, starting from large enterprise-suite providers to up-and-coming mavericks. is a software company in the combined B2C/B2B sphere – serving regular consumers while earning revenue from businesses.

While the brand had reached a strong standing, it was being beaten by the competition in several critical areas. As regular consumers are essential to the business model, organic search was chosen as the primary growth vector. In just 3 short months of collaboration, Growth Bite helped grow by 50%.

Key Points

  • is a paid survey and internet sharing platform, allowing everyday users to earn money through answering questionnaires and by turning their devices into proxies.
  • Both the paid survey and internet sharing industries are highly competitive, especially in the US and EU markets.
  • Growth Bite and decided to focus on growing organic presence through SEO and content marketing.
  • 3 months of collaboration led to growing their organic traffic by 50%.

Internet Sharing & Paid Surveys

Internet and bandwidth sharing are an up-and-coming business model that helps businesses legitimately acquire proxies while rewarding consumers at the same time. 

Users install an application that automatically shares their internet connection whenever the device is not being actively used, turning it into a proxy. These proxies are then provided to other businesses while the developers of the app take care that no software, bandwidth, or any other type of abuse occurs.

Proxies previously were often acquired through various less transparent means, but directly acquires consent from users while rewarding them monetarily for each gigabyte of traffic shared.

The other part of business model is to provide consumers with various surveys they can fill out to earn money. These surveys help businesses collect important information on various topics much quicker than they otherwise would be able to.

Consumers, on the other hand, can supplement their income by answering questionnaires, turning accrued money into their PayPal account or by getting retailer gift cards.

Both of these arms of the business rely on gathering lots of traffic and users as it’s purely based on scaling the user base. As the user base increases, offerings also become more attractive to various businesses.

Search engine traffic, therefore, is the perfect avenue for growth. It’s a reliable source of consistent user growth that works long-term without requiring constant spending for each new user acquired.

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Growing Organic Traffic

Growth Bite focused on various parts of SEO, starting from content marketing and ending with technical improvements for the website. Closely monitoring results throughout the journey, major organic search gains were made within the first few months.

Data has been acquired from Google Analytics. Ahrefs is only for illustration purposes.

Growth Bite continues the collaboration with, aiming to continue the growth spurt throughout the year. If results continue, will overtake many top competitors within a year.

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