March 2023

Doubling Ondato’s Organic Traffic Through SEO

Building organic traffic is not just about building backlinks and producing content. Find out how numerous technical changes and a clearly outlined strategy nearly doubled Ondato’s organic traffic in less than a year.

Doubling Ondato’s Organic Traffic Through SEO





Project Overview

Ondato is a SaaS company that specializes in providing KYC and regulatory compliance technologies. Our company was started in 2018 by two founders Liudas and Andrej with the explicit goal of addressing inefficiencies in KYC compliance in the digital era. Now the company offers several technical solutions that all deal with various aspects of KYC and AML compliance, from identity verification and KYB to a customer data management platform.

Identity verification is an extraordinarily competitive industry with some of the battles taking place on search engine result page rankings. Growth Bite took it upon themselves to help Ondato emerge the victors and acquire greater volumes of organic traffic.

Key Points

  • Ondato is a SaaS company that provides solutions for KYC, KYB, and regulatory compliance.
  • While their marketing efforts were doing well, the organic channel was bringing in nearly no value.
  • Growth Bite performed an audit, listed all the technical issues with an assigned level severity and priority. After resolving the most pressing issues, an all-around SEO strategy was developed.
  • Following the audit and fixing the technical issues led Ondato to experience a nearly 100% increase in organic traffic.


Many companies approach SEO by producing content and building backlinks. While it definitely is an important part of acquiring great search engine rankings, equally amazing or even more impressive results can be achieved through technical fixes.

When Ondato reached out to Growth Bite’s CEO Rasa Sosnovskytė for advice on optimizing the organic channel, she knew that an in-depth technical audit would not only be beneficial, it would also be much more cost-effective, making budget less of a concern.

After the 100+ point audit was conducted, numerous technical issues were found that were relatively easy to fix, but still had a major negative impact on overall SEO results. Clearing out all of these technical mishaps would create a strong foundation, which would support both the current state of the website and any future efforts.

Ondato’s developers soon took to work and began fixing all of the outlined issues while Growth Bite’s SEO team worked on a more all-purpose strategy. As such, Ondato was able to cover both technical and content-based SEO within a relatively short timeframe.

Due to the immense effort on both sides of the fence, Ondato was able to achieve impressive organic channel growth in less than a year. Their search engine driven traffic grew by nearly 100% as they acquired better rankings and a stronger presence in the overall industry.

Ondato Organic Traffic
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Growth Bite is continuing to work with Ondato and now is largely focused on optimizing and producing content while monitoring the website for any unintentional changes. The latter company still has plenty of room to grow and, with Growth Bite’s support, will be able to quickly rise through to ranks and harness immense value from their organic channel.

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