April 2023

Off-Site Strategy Brings TEFL +50k Monthly Traffic At No Additional Cost

TEFL Org’s in-house SEO experts teamed up with Growth Bite to create an advanced off-site SEO strategy, which enabled the company to make more out of each backlink.

Off-Site Strategy Brings TEFL +50k Monthly Traffic At No Additional Cost


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Project Overview

TEFL Org, a course certification and job search provider for English language teachers, is a highly recognizable brand that ensures proper linguistic education worldwide. They have trained over 140 000 English language teachers, received numerous awards, and gained global recognition as a respected brand in the field.

Even global leaders can benefit from advanced marketing strategies. While the company had already held an impressive 90 000 monthly visitors, there was still plenty of optimization to be done. As TEFL Org had a strong in-house SEO expert, Growth Bite collaborated with him to develop an off-site SEO strategy.

Key Points

  • TEFL Org provides accredited TEFL courses for English language teachers that intend to pursue educational careers.
  • Improving overall marketing results was deemed the goal, as the company had already been well-established.
  • Growth Bite and TEFL Org’s in-house experts worked on an advanced off-site SEO strategy.
  • As a result of implementing this strategy, TEFL Org’s monthly organic traffic increased from 90 000 to 140 000.


Optimizing marketing can often be highly complicated as it can be difficult to gauge what is genuinely possible. These challenges can become even more complex when strong marketing foundations have already been laid.

Growth Bite decided to start by analyzing existing company processes and approaches to marketing. While there could have been small wins within many areas, off-site SEO was long overdue for optimization.

After a discussion with TEFL Org’s in-house experts, both parties agreed that overhauling the off-site SEO strategy would bring the most outstanding results in the shortest time frame. As a result, Growth Bite focused all its efforts towards improving TEFL Org’s off-site SEO up to speed.

Off-site SEO has since expanded to be much more than simply industry-relevant backlinking. With a proper approach, the same number of resources spent on the activity can produce much more significant results.

By bringing up TEFL Org’s off-site SEO strategy to the most advanced and current best practices, Growth Bite was able to increase monthly traffic by over 50% without requiring any additional investment. These improvements are largely permanent, provided that TEFL continues to follow the strategy and principles provided by Growth Bite.

TEFL Org Organic Performance
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Even companies that seem to have everything going perfectly can benefit from an external marketing audit and analysis. Growth Bite’s efforts allowed TEFL Org to get significantly better ROI without necessitating additional resources.

Growth Bite's further goal will be optimizing other SEO aspects and marketing channels. While the implementation has brought several years’ worth of results in a couple of months, there may be other hidden gems that TEFL Org can benefit from.

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