April 2024

Growth Bite Brings IPRoyal 4700% YoY Organic Traffic Growth

Growth Bite’s expertise in the proxy and scraping markets allowed them to achieve exceptional results for IPRoyal, bringing them closer to being a top competitor in the industry.

Growth Bite Brings IPRoyal 4700% YoY Organic Traffic Growth


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Project Overview

Growth Bite is led by two cofounders with extensive experience in the proxy and web scraping markets, developing networks and connections across the industry. IPRoyal were the first to reach out for marketing services and, following a fruitful and friendly connection, became one of Growth Bite’s VIP customers.

Through thoughtful collaboration between IPRoyal and Growth Bite’s teams, the marketing results achieved were nothing short of tremendous – a 4700% increase in organic traffic in less than a year.

Key Points

  • IPRoyal is a proxy service and infrastructure provider, enabling businesses and individuals to utilize tens of millions of IP addresses for various use cases such as price monitoring.
  • Proxies, scraping, and all associated sectors are extremely competitive, leading IPRoyal to seek out support for digital marketing efforts.
  • Growth Bite took the challenge upon themselves and implemented various SEO and content management strategies that would push IPRoyal closer to the top.
  • IPRoyal experienced a 4700% YoY increase in organic traffic and revenue growth.

Proxy Services

Proxies are intermediary servers that stand between two computers, the source and the destination. These servers retrieve connection requests from the source and forward them to the destination in their own name, without revealing the true originator.

While functionally somewhat similar to VPNs, proxies are widely used for business applications rather than consumer interests. Common proxy use cases involve web scraping, SEO tool creation, travel fare aggregation, and numerous others.

Due to the vital nature of proxies for some business models (e.g., travel and accommodation fare comparison), they are highly valuable assets, making the industry extremely competitive. IPRoyal was among the many smaller companies in the sector, often overshadowed by large corporations with several times more employees than itself.

Seeking support from knowledgeable individuals seemed the correct choice – finding the correct marketing agency could support their growth and, potentially, beat out some of the competition.

Growth Bite had extensive experience within the proxy services industry, allowing us to quickly implement our knowledge and best practices to create a supercharge growth environment.

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To the Top 5

Growth Bite’s collaboration with IPRoyal has allowed both companies to achieve impressive results. In less than a year, IPRoyal organic traffic surged, a total increase of 4700%.

Results for analysis sourced from GA4. Ahrefs used for illustration purposes only.

Revenue increases also followed the increasing organic traffic, indicating a carefully curated strategic approach to SEO.

“While the numerical increases in organic traffic and revenue are truly extraordinary, I’d like to express and underline Growth Bite’s incredible business ethic. They were one of the only marketing agencies to forego selling a dream – there were no empty promises and cloudy visions. Constant communication, lots of hard work, and monitoring were set as the key parts of their business models – I think the results speak for themselves.” - Justas Palekas, Chief Marketing Officer at IPRoyal

We continue our collaboration with IPRoyal, hoping to bring them closer to the Top 3 of organic results. And, eventually, the #1.

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