April 2023

SnapCall Experiences 500% Monthly User Growth

Growth Bite took upon the task of making the value of SnapCall more widespread and to make them a household name.

SnapCall Experiences 500% Monthly User Growth


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Project Overview

SnapCall is a video call software provider that allows businesses to integrate video calls into their website, CRM (e.g., Zendesk), or platform. Their most popular integrations add the functionality to live chat software, allowing customer support agents to solve issues much faster. Video calls, provided by SnapCall, have a wide variety of advanced features such as multiple camera mode, QR-code connect, and an in-depth dashboard with data analytics.

As Growth Bite began working with SnapCall, the benefits provided by the solution were immediately obvious. Live video calls have the power to change the way businesses communicate with customers over the internet. At that time, however, integrating them was a clunky process that required the usage of calendars or third-party software installation.

Good products still require marketing to achieve a strong position in their industry. So, Growth Bite took upon the task of making the value of SnapCall more widespread and to make them a household name.

Key Points

  • SnapCall provides easy-to-integrate software that allows businesses to add video calling capabilities to any point of their tech stack, application, or website.
  • Digital marketing was necessary as customer acquisition was happening slowly.
  • Growth Bite started building up both organic and email channel performance.
  • Combined efforts improved SnapCall’s monthly user growth by 500%.


SnapCall had established themselves within small circles of certain CRM and customer-facing software such as Zendesk, Livechat, Intercom, Kustomer, and others. While these partnerships did bring in benefits, customers trickled in slowly.

As the company relies on a subscription model that provides seats for users, reaching out to as many businesses as possible was key. Since the product provided was already of high quality, a steady stream of users would build up revenue over time.

Growth Bite decided to take a mixed approach. Organic search results can provide steady and reliable streams of visitors and users, but they take up longer to set up. Email marketing, however, can provide instant results with the drawback being that registrations would vanish within a similar time frame once campaigns stop. Combining both seemed the best option for SnapCall.

Growth Bite brings explosive and stable growth

Growth Bite and SnapCall agreed upon a metric that would track marketing success - registrations. While the company held free trials, any registration brings in more opportunities. Growth Bite started with an extensive technical audit to fix any SEO issues and then focused on producing enticing email marketing campaigns while slowly building up organic presence.

“Growth Bite are experts and professionals in every sense of the word. Their analytical approach, strategic vision, and perfect execution has always landed SnapCall with consistent and valuable results.”

Over the course of slightly less than a year, SnapCall’s monthly user growth increased by 500% These users not only brought a financial measure of success to the company, but inspired both to pursue even greater goals.

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Growth Bite and SnapCall continue their collaboration further, expecting to double down on marketing efforts as they have already brought great results. In the near future, SnapCall is expected to reach an even greater number of monthly registrations, which would allow them to expand further and scale marketing efforts even more.

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