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Great past results obtained by our agency

Read our customer success stories that have enabled new businesses to flourish. Organic Traffic Improves by 50% in 3 Months

Growth Bite took up the challenge of turning into a force to be reckoned with within the survey and internet sharing industry. Within three months, their organic traffic improved by 50%, bringing them closer to the top of the competition.

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Growth Bite Brings IPRoyal 4700% YoY Organic Traffic Growth

Growth Bite’s expertise in the proxy and scraping markets allowed them to achieve exceptional results for IPRoyal, bringing them closer to being a top competitor in the industry.

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Doubling Ondato’s Organic Traffic Through SEO

Building organic traffic is not just about building backlinks and producing content. Find out how numerous technical changes and a clearly outlined strategy nearly doubled Ondato’s organic traffic in less than a year.

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Growth Bite Brings 300% Organic Traffic Growth to Watalook

As Growth Bite began networking with Watalook, it was clear the company had brought immense value to the beauty community. Reaching a greater audience through marketing was the way forward for the company.

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SnapCall Experiences 500% Monthly User Growth

Growth Bite took upon the task of making the value of SnapCall more widespread and to make them a household name.

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Off-Site Strategy Brings TEFL +50k Monthly Traffic At No Additional Cost

TEFL Org’s in-house SEO experts teamed up with Growth Bite to create an advanced off-site SEO strategy, which enabled the company to make more out of each backlink.

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Sender Captures Top 5 SERPs Positions with Growth Bite’s Help

Discover how we helped Sender achieve high rankings in Google search engine results pages through the help of creating enticing content.

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