April 2023

Sender Captures Top 5 SERPs Positions with Growth Bite’s Help

Discover how we helped Sender achieve high rankings in Google search engine results pages through the help of creating enticing content.

Sender Captures Top 5 SERPs Positions with Growth Bite’s Help


Content Production



Project Overview

Sender outreached Growth Bite at extremely early stages of the agency’s development, requesting that we aid their content creation efforts. Growth Bite provided a constant and steady grind, producing high quality content pieces that allowed them to achieve good SEO results.

Key Points

  • Sender is an email and SMS marketing automation platform that provides its customers with powerful features, enabling them to optimize and scale multiple channels with ease.
  • Additional help with content creation was required as Sender was expecting to cover a wide allotment of topics in a short period of time.
  • Growth Bite delivered 2+ high quality articles per week, allowing the company to quickly expand its blog and cover the necessary topics.
  • Numerous articles, written by Growth Bite’s team, reached top 10 with some breaking top 5 in SERPs.

Managing Content

On-site and off-site content form the basis for most SEO strategies. Ensuring all of the industry-relevant topics are covered accurately through well-written content creates the basis for traffic and lead generation. All of that content has to be also supported through a solid backlinking strategy to raise their ranking potential.

For companies that want to cover a lot of ground quickly, in-house content teams may not be enough. Such was the case with Sender as the email and SMS marketing automation company is highly ambitious in their search engine ranking goals.

As a result, Sender contacted Growth Bite with a request to aid them with content production. SEO guidelines were provided by the former company while the latter worked to match the needs and pace set by Sender’s team.

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Bringing Sender to the Top

Over a 6 month period, Growth Bite provided a steady stream of both on-site and off-site content to aid the production needs of Sender. On average, the former company reached an average of 2+ articles per week.

Naturally, all of the pieces of content achieved varying results, however, numerous broke the top 10 and top 5 in SERPs with “What is Targeted Marketing? Definition, Strategies & Examples” reaching #1 position for some keywords.

“What is Targeted Marketing? Definition, Strategies & Examples” had been especially successful for Sender. That article alone brings in hundreds of users monthly, but when combined with all of the other content Growth Bite has produced, these numbers quickly rise to thousands.

Sender's Organic Performance

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