Julija Balčiūtė


Julija Balčiūtė

Julija is a newcomer to the SEO industry, quickly rising through the ranks in the field, working in a high paced and varied environment.

Her dedication and discipline in life has led Julija to become a renowned Kyokushin Karate champion and assistant coach. Now, she is switching her focus towards digital marketing, pursuing her degree in the field in Vilnius University.

Area of expertise

Currently, Julija is dedicated to growing as an SEO expert, fulfilling her various off-site and on-site duties and supporting the growth of customers through consistent results and on-time delivery.

Interests and hobbies

Julija has a general interest in all things marketing, ranging from SEO to paid advertising. She's fully focused on search engine optimization as one of her cornerstones. Additionally, she continues to be a professional sportswoman, coaching newcomers to Karate and participating in global tournaments.

Julija Balčiūtė

Julija Balčiūtė

Junior SEO Specialist

Up-and-coming SEO professional working with various brands across the world

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