Rasa Sosnovskytė


Rasa Sosnovskytė

Rasa Sosnovskytė is one of the founders of Growth Bite and one of the most experienced all-round marketers in Lithuania’s industry. She has spent the better part of her career making companies like Tesonet, Oxylabs, and many others into household names, allowing them to achieve impressive results.

Her education in Finance, Economics, and Master’s Degree in International Marketing has enabled her to support the fast-paced business world with the rational and calculated strategies acquired from academia. As a result, Rasa is able to build marketing strategies that have both a creative touch and careful calculation, enabling companies to harness the power of marketing while remaining within budget.

Area of expertise

Rasa has dedicated a major part of her career to becoming a leading SEO expert. She has since acquired nearly 10 years of experience, bringing in millions of organic traffic for companies, and shared her knowledge with the other professionals through numerous articles.

  • More than 13 years of experience in marketing;
  • Brought over 1M users in organic traffic;
  • High level management and leadership experience;

Interests and hobbies

Rasa is a big arts lover, always visiting galleries and museums in every and any country she visits. She is a skilled painter and, even if marketing takes up the majority of her time, tries to find the time to put pigment on parchment. Whenever doing neither, Rasa spends her time cuddling two of her corgis at home.

Rasa Sosnovskytė

Rasa Sosnovskytė


Highly experienced all-round SEO specialist, consistently achieves the highest rankings for priority keywords and overall traffic growth.

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