Adomas Šulcas


Adomas Šulcas

Adomas is an all-round writer with expertise in all areas of content production, ranging from basic blog posts and all the way to press releases and risk management for public relations. He is now a leading writer in SaaS and numerous other industries and is able to produce copywritten content for any business in a record amount of time while optimizing it for SEO or other best practices.

A Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Philosophy enables Adomas to quickly adapt to any topic and learn new concepts at an enormous pace. These skills allow him to provide freelancing services as if he was an in-house professional, bringing tremendous value to businesses in all industries.

Area of expertise

Writing of all types is the primary area of expertise for Adomas. Over his career he has held various positions that include content production as a major function, allowing him to gather a wide variety of experience.

  • 6 years in content production;
  • Public relations and risk management experience;
  • Technical writing expertise;

Interests and hobbies

Adomas is an avid reader of theoretical material, ranging from scientific articles to entire books, on numerous topics and you’ll often find him with several tabs of PubMed and other databases open. When he’s not involved in reading, he’ll be improving his physical fitness, whether in the gym or elsewhere.

Adomas Šulcas

Adomas Šulcas


Devoted writing professional and marketing expert with the ability to produce content that outranks all competitors.

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