February 22nd  6PM | Martynas Mažvydas library, Vilnius


Join our conference and learn how to make the best use of resources when scaling your business.

Conference content

Learn how to make the best use of marketing and public relations to scale a startup to a mature business in just a few short hours.

Four presentations

Leading experts in digital marketing and public relations will share practical advice on how to scale businesses.

Panel discussion

Several industry leaders will discuss and provide advice on how to apply creative thinking to business strategy.

Networking session

Network with both speakers and participants, and establish valuable connections for the future.

Sponsor presentation

JCDecaux will share how their program helps startupsowners market their services and scale their businesses.

Conference program


B2B Startup Strategy: Key Success Factors

Vytautas Urbonas, Ondato Chief Marketing and Communications Officer


Algorithms or AI Tools: What Killed Classic Ads?

Ilja Popov, Founder and CEO, Doughty Digital


Sponsor presentation

JCDecaux representatives




GTM Challenges: Overcoming Misaligned Market Expectations

Vytautas Majauskas, Marketing Strategist at Magoom


Public Relations - The Flexible Arm of Marketing

Adomas Šulcas, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, Growth Bite


Discussion "Creativity in Business: New Strategic Opportunities"

Evaldas Mockus, VP of Marketing, Omnisend
Paulius Šetkus, Founder and CEO of LemonHook
Simonas Naudžius, Head of Advertising, Rocket Science
Rasa Sosnovskytė, CEO and Cofounder, Growth Bite



Vytautas Urbonas
Ondato Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and communications expert with exceptional experience in working with successful Lithuanian FinTech start-ups


Simonas Naudžius
Rocket Science Head of Advertising

Digital marketing and advertising expert with a focus on SEO and 10+ years of experience


Vytautas Majauskas
Magoom Digital Marketing Strategist

Search-first digital marketing expert, 6+ years of experience


Ilja Popov
Doughty Digital founder and CEO

Performance and digital growth expert, worked with various large SaaS businesses


Paulius Šetkus
LemonHook founder and CEO

Data-driven marketing development expert, paid marketing specialist


Evaldas Mockus
Omnisend VP of Growth

SEO and content strategy thought leader, SaaS and technology industry expert


Adomas Šulcas
Growth Bite COO and Cofounder

Content marketing and public relations expert with over 5 years of experience in various industries

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the conference free of charge?

Yes, the conference is free to attend, however, tickets are limited, so make sure to register as soon as possible.

What is the location and date of the conference?

The conference will be held on the 22nd of February, 18:00 at Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania (Gedimino pr. 51), Vilnius.

Will there be coffee or catering served at the event?

Due to the short duration of the conference, no food or coffee will be served during the event. Participants can purchase coffee or snacks at Coffee Inn, located at the first floor of the library.

How do I access the event?

Once you arrive at the library, arrows will point you towards the conference hall. Have your personal ID ready as it will be required to verify your registration.

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