Justinas Vaičiulis


Justinas Vaičiulis

Justinas' experience and reputation precedes him as he has been working with some of the largest brands and businesses in the world, managing millions in paid marketing budgets, and creating never-before-seen results. With nearly a decade of experience in marketing, specifically in the area of paid media and advertising, and a mindset of continual learning, he has established himself as one of the leading experts of the field. Justinas has worked with business in numerous industries, always able to catch even the most hidden opportunities, regardless of how niche the required strategy may be,

He has also dedicated a lot to life-long learning, starting out with his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing & Psychology and continuing with numerous certifications required to become a top-level experts in the paid advertising space. Justinas' combination of theoretical and academic outlook with many years of practical experience makes his services unique and valuable to any business, from a burgeoning startup to the well-established corporation.

Area of expertise

If there's one thing Justinas is unmatched in, it is paid advertising (PPC) campaign creation and revenue generation. His extensive career has seen him work as both a specialist and a manager, allowing him to collect valuable experience from various levels of the process.

  • 9 years of experience in paid advertising and performance marketing.
  • Worked with a wide variety of industries and businesses of all sizes.
  • Holds numerous certifications and awards.

Interests and hobbies

When not working on creating the next big PPC campaign, Justinas dedicates his time to drumming and travelling across the globe. He usually doesn't get to bring his drum set with him, though.

Justinas Vaičiulis

Justinas Vaičiulis

PPC Expert

Justinas is an outstanding PPC and growth specialist that has worked with some of the largest businesses in the world.

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